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Autumn Tag Recolors! by ZabbyTabby
Autumn Tag Recolors!
EDIT:  Going back up to full price tomorrow!!!  :D


   :bulletorange:Get them while they're half off ($2/200:points:) until Monday, the 17th!  Then they will return to their original price of $4/400:points:!:bulletorange:

 :iconautumnplz:Autumn Tags for sale: $2/200 :points: each! :iconautumnplz:

     The middle drawing is the plain template, and examples of it colored are on either side!  Simply link your character and how you'd like to pay, wait for my response, and send the payment!  The turn-around time on these will be very quick, and you'll receive it via or scraps.  I recommend scraps so that you can use the thumbnail.  They can be used as page dolls, journal dolls... anything! 

- Must send payment before
- Unlimited per person, but will close on Thursday the 27th (Thanksgiving for us in the USA ;) )
- Recommended for canines only
- If paying through points, please use widget on my page
- If using paypal, I will just reply back with the email :)

Art (c) ZabbyTabby and rascal
GIGA YTH - Growing Up!--CLOSED by ZabbyTabby
GIGA YTH - Growing Up!--CLOSED
I present to you... a GIGA “YOUR TOKOTA HERE”!!!! :la: :la:

This is a memory “book” from when your Tokota was just a newborn, and follows the Tokota as it grows up and meets its handler!


• Handler and Toko sketches are generic and can be any gender.
• Backgrounds are kept the same but may have small tweaks in color, etc., when finished!
• Sketches of Tokota shown are only that: sketches.  They will be lined to fit your Toko and handler!  
This is many pictures of ONE (1) Tokota--its the same one.
Can be any mane type!  
This is all one picture and images will not be separated (but see below for exception)
Some Items (Fish, tack, fur, etc.,) can be removed--or added!

:bulletgreen:Payment Information:bulletgreen:

• Payment will be sent after a request by me via Paypal
At least half of the amount must be paid within a week (unless given a time frame)
If chosen to split up payment, the second amount may be paid after the first (1st) image is colored.
Paypal only*

*Ask about partial payment in :points: via widget


If you really want to bid, but do not have a Tokota, I can remove the handler and make it a normal wolf or similar dog
Even if you have a Tokota, you can choose not to have a handler
• Blurry “memory effect” dividers between each image can be removed if you’d like (option of normal frame/none)
If auto-bought or bid gets within $30 of auto-buy, then I will post them as separate images as well per request (with background)

:bulletgreen:Image Break-down:bullegreen:

• Newborn-Just a baby!
• Puppy-Snacking on a salmon!  Or maybe he caught it?
Older puppy-Bonding with handler
Teenager-Looks like he’s excited to go riding!
 Older Teenager/Young Adult-Endless brushing.. Ok.. you’re getting really fluffy now. #TokotaHandlerProbs


Bid Here:…

Starting Bid: $45
Minimum Increment: $0.50
Autobuy: $200

Ends: November 16th @ noon

Art (c) ZabbyTabby
Tokotas (c) Noebelle
Sakari by ZabbyTabby
Last drawing for :iconvaiil: ^^ I thought I had posted it but I guess not!! I hope you like it <3  I love this design alksjdflkjdsf <333

Art (c) ZabbyTabby
Dareios by ZabbyTabby
Tryout character thing for :iconwolfs-descent: <3

Basic Info on ref!  He is a shorter, smaller wolf and is full grown, but still considered a "young adult." :)

- Strength(s):
    Quick, sly, punctual.  He is excellent at hunting on his own, but struggles in a pack.  He follows routines well and doesn't slack off.  He is very alert, because when on his own he was surprised quite a few times (bears).  Extremely protective to pups.

- Weakness(es):
    He is kind of awkward but not shy.  He hesitates a bit when delivering a strong blow to an opponent.  He absolutely refuses to fight wolves that are under 2 years (below adult) which sometimes doesn't work in his favor.

- Family: His family likely traveled to new territory.. whether he will ever see them again is highly unlikely.... (unless maybe.. a siblings? hmmm ;) )

- Personality:  Dareios is fun and energetic, though a bit awkward at times.  He is extremely loyal to his pack and will not break that loyalty even for a friend.  He is always on time and does not slack off.  Even if not feeling well, he still tries to do his duties for the day (though of a medic sees that they will tell him to rest, so hes gotta sneak!). 

- Backstory:
    Dareios is technically an orphan; his parents didn't abandon him or die, but he still lacks them.  At the young age of a year old, he decided he no longer wanted to live with his small family pack (grandmother, parents and 2 siblings).  He ran off on his own without his family knowing, and though they searched, he was gone without a trace.  He was on his own for 2 moons (months) but his rebellion and so-called "independence" turned out to be not so appealing as he thought.  However, he was still reluctant to return to his family, because of his pride, but eventually traveled back to his original home.  Upon entering the territory, he howled every few hours, sniffed this and marked that, but still no sign or response.  After a few days of this routine, he gave up finding his family.  Chances are, they could still be out there somewhere, but he is utterly alone.  He missed his chance and--he didn't know what he had until it was gone.

    This mistake he made early on has effected his skills somewhat.  He still has his wolfly instincts but lacks basic lessons and skills that he would have learned through his parents and siblings.  However he has completely turned around and strives to be the opposite that he set out to be.  He is now submissive and wants to please.  He is very eager to learn--sometimes even more so than a pup.  His hopes and dreams is to one day have a family of his own--his only redemption from his past mistakes.  He would love his pups and not let anything happen to them.  But he has yet to find a mate.. which is probably best because of how awkward he can get.

    He met Vronti when Kyra was still alive.  He wanted more than anything to learn from this powerful alpha.  He can be kind of absent minded at times, but because of his wants to please and learn, he is extremely loyal to his pack.  He doesn't want to make the same mistake twice, so when Akantha went off to make her own pack, he stayed with Vronti.

- Other

Art (c) ZabbyTabby


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Me and my sister found this awesome artist, but she doesn't have as much watchers as she should have!  So here's a feature of some of her drawings.. Though I strongly suggest you look at her whole gallery!!! :la:


Spider Orchid Aussie Pup [closed~] by Stole-Your-PopsicleArcfire by Stole-Your-PopsicleCaprice [sold!} by Stole-Your-Popsicle


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Autumn Tag Recolors


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KestrelRaptor Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, I didn't realize you were the owner of Waggin Kennel Club, I gotta watch you here too, your art is just perfect :heart:
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This is your geno! xD The parents are Keelut 225 and Kaya 269
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OH MY GOSH AHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH NEXT TIME I WILL WRITE THIS DOWN LOL!!  Idk why I thought it was possum but it must have just been in the same journal and I got confused lol.  I HOPE IT WASNT TOO HARD TO FIND KSNDSKHF thank you thank you thank you :squee: :heart: :glomp: 
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Hello! :wave: Welcome to :icontheworkinggsd: or TheWorkingGSD group! We are so glad to have you aboard in our mission to spread the word that the true German Shepherd dog is a working dog! I am a dummy! Hug :happybounce: Feel free to submit your artwork provided they comply to the group's rules. :) 
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Do you plan on opening commissions anytime soon? Your art is wonderful :D
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Wow!!! Thank you so much, I'm really honored! :) I really hope to open them soon!  :la:
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You're welcome :glomp: Im honored that it means that much to you! :) :la:
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